Mortgage Information - Foreclosures

Obtaining a mortgage for a HUD or VA home is not much different than obtaining a mortgage for a traditional property for sale. However, it is easy to confuse a HUD or VA home with a HUD or VA loan.

A HUD or VA home is a home that has been foreclosed on by the government for failure to pay on the mortgage, and is then being offered for sale to the general public.

HUD/VA loans are special loan programs backed by the federal government. In the case of HUD, it is the Department of Housing and Urban Development that administers the loan program. In the case of VA, it is the Department of Veterans Affairs.

While it is entirely possible that you may qualify for a HUD or VA loan on a HUD or VA home, most homebuyers opt for a traditional mortgage on these types of properties, unless they happen to fit the very specific qualifications for a HUD/VA loan.

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